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How to create a home office you actually want to be in.

We asked ourselves here at Wild & Rosie, what could we do in these crazy coronavirus times as an interior design company? What could be our public service contribution? Well, of course, we’re going to bring you the ultimate guide to home officing - in style. Because, let’s face it, we could be here for a while. So, why not try to make it both functional and fabulous?

Good home office design is a mix of the must haves and the make-it-great things. The must haves are obvious things like broadband, a computer, a table, a chair. But, a more elevated home office experience just might up productivity, your mood, and even your wellbeing. And prevent those dangerous displacement activities, “I’ll just throw a wash on…”, “I’ll just finish an episode of that thing on Netflix…’

Whether you have a whole room, a hall, an attic, or a bit of a bedroom or living room, here are your practical design considerations for your new and improved home office experience:


Before you start, consider what style of office is most you. Or if you’re taking part of an existing room, how can you complement or augment the style? Would you like it to be a little bit fancy? Clean and minimalist, industrial, colourful? Feminine, masculine, quirky, creative? You know who you are. Commit to that. And design from there…

Warm, woody, and calm. Wow.

Source: Designer - Alison Davin, Jute Interior Design / Photography - Lisa Romerein
Source: Designer - Alison Davin, Jute Interior Design / Photography - Lisa Romerein

A Scandi-inspired office in a purpose-built cabin in the garden.

This could be stand alone, or fit seamlessly into an existing room’s style...

Source: Teddy Edwards @Pinterest.


It depends on your line of work. I need a big one for my computer, plus a space to draw and go through samples. My husband needs the dimensions of his laptop. So, what’s for you? L-shaped? Tressle? Vintage? Console? One with built in storage? Or…. a standing desk? Would you… could you? Pick this piece of furniture first, and build around it.

Reclaimed Wood Tressle Table
Source: Woo Design

An affordable, space saving, space-maximising kinda desk…

Cute corner desk from Caseys:

This standing desk. Doing your bit for the environment and your bod…


Can ergonomic chairs look ‘good’? Eh… probably not good per se. But they’re necessary. So, I’ll show you a couple of options of both...

Practical with vintage vibes...

Cooler looking than your standard office chair…

Affordable, ergonomic, good reviews, and not awful on the eye. Plain and simple.


Does it really matter? Eh… 100 it darn does. Colour impacts mood (don’t make me go get the science) I mean, could you really work well in a PURPLE office? So, here’s your cheat sheet to colour psychology:

- Green is the relaxation queen. But also consider its de-stressing, comforting effect.

- Blue for blue sky thinking. Said to clear and calm the mind.

- Greys are thought to invoke feelings of security and intelligence (!)

- Whites are a blank canvas – literally and metaphorically.

- Browns are welcoming and warm.

- Yellows are cheery and optimistic. I'd stick to just a pop (of cheeriness and optimism)

- (Adult) Pinks are feminine and nurturing. Can be super cool too. Give me a bit of Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster any day, any room.

- Orange is a mood booster and can raise alertness (probably an accent colour though)

- Reds raise blood pressure, but can raise your energy levels (probably an accent colour too)

And by the way, if you really love purple in a room, keep doing you.

Large scale art pieces bringing an injection of blue and green:

A green/grey - sophisticated and relaxing...

Source: Unknown via @Pinterest

Gorgeous grey with black pops...

Image @nicolefranzen via @Pinterest


Your line of work will dictate the scale of storage you might need. And your room or corner of a room will likely dictate how much you can have. Our advice for home office storage is build up, not out. It’s a more efficient use of space and keeps things closer to hand.

A genius idea for covert storage if your office is in a bedroom or living room...

Sleek sideboard storage. These are IKEA with bespoke cabinet fronts from Helsingo:

Practical and curated cubby hole shelving...

Source: Twenty One Two Designs

Cool Desk Storage from the Organised Store:


Maybe this should’ve been number one to emphasise its importance. Natural light is number one for a good home office. There are soooo many benefits to your wellbeing. Natural light triggers the endocrine and hormone system, meaning better mood, better sleep, better immunity, and this all equals increased productivity (potentially). And, literally, our eyes are built to function better in naturally lit spaces.

IF, you don’t have natural light, invest in full-spectrum bulbs. They’re a tad more spenny, but provide crisp, white light at the same temperature as daytime. The next best thing to daylight. Second to natural light is the positioning of other lights. Point them where you’re working (eh, obviously). And finally, is your window treatment up to it? Natural light is great, glare isn’t.

I mean, we’re not all blessed with windows like this, but we can still marvel at it...

Source: Photography by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance via @Pinterest

A ‘daylight’ bulb if you’re short on actual daylight...

West Elm can do no wrong really...


By this we mean family pics, art, keepsakes, a candle/diffuser. If it’s inspiring and motivational. Yes, do it. And lots of it. If it’s cluttering your desk and your mind. Dump it. (I mean don’t literally dump family photos, just move them).

Art is the easiest way to add personality and elevate your space (and your mood)...

You can't light candles in most actual offices, but you're free to bring the smells to your home office. Good smells, that is...


There is literally an actual named study that says workers are 15pc more productive if plants are in the workplace. That’s mad, isn’t it? But the study says so. And we all know about their air purifying qualities at this point. And again, greenery is a mood lifter. #biophilicdesignforlife.

A vintage desk and chair in the corner of the living room, with a simple potted plant...

Source: Entrance Makleri via @Pinterest

‘Monstera Deliciosa’– makes an impact and is an air purifier...

This is design. A table and chair in a small space around a sofa, shelving, and tons of greenery...

Source: Unknown via @Pinterest


IF you have the space AND the need, it’s an excellent idea to have a separate little corner to take virtual meetings, phone calls, read. It might be just an armchair or small couch and side table. But, a separate space away from the main computer area, from a psychological and productivity perspective, could be a sound investment. Keep the furniture structured and firm, we don’t want it to become the midday nap corner.

Stylish, comfortable and structured...

Source: @AtkinandThyme

A small nook to retreat to for a change of scenery...

Source: Unknown via @Pinterest


The ‘other’ is you. What else might make working from home better? Cork boards, a radio, wall planners, pouffes, a tea/coffee station, fresh flowers, a lock on the door (kidding, not kidding)? Our space is intrinsically linked to how we feel. So if you want a better home office, make it more you - your needs, your style, your personality. A happier home office makes a happier worker. Amirite?

A giant cork wall – functional and zones the office space...

Source: Petra Bindel via @Pinterest.

Mini Espresso station anyone?

Art-filled and full of personality...

*Check out our Pinterest ‘Home Office Experience Board’ for more home office ideas and inspo*

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