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20 of the Cosiest, Coolest Cushions.

What makes a good cushion? Well, what’s inside really counts…. A cheaper cushion will still feel and look good if you put a good quality insert inside – one that can be perennially plumped without turning into a flat mess.

Then, looks matter too. Gosh, it’s tough being a good cushion… and putting one cushion with another cushion can make or break about how you feel about said cushions. See? It’s tricky.

Here’s a few ways to curate your cushions (yep, we’re curating cushions… it’s who we are now):

1. Go tonal. So mix up patterns and sizes and textures, but stick to one overall tonal scheme. All different shades of beige, or all blue tones, etc.

2. Or, stick to a colour scheme. 3 colours tops. This is for you if you want a bit of contrast and colour pop in perhaps a neutral space, but still looks cohesive and not too random.

Image: Studio McGee

3. Mix sizes. You definitely don’t have to have all one size and generally better not to. Have a few biggies (60 x 60cm or 50 x 50cm), middies (45 x 45cm or 40 x 40cm), and rectangles (50 x 30cm).

Image: Amber Interiors

4. Mix textures. You can elevate your cushion combo further by choosing a mix of textures – a bit of linen, a pop of velvet, maybe something furry – some boucle perhaps.

These are just some approaches to making your cushion combo work. Of course, as always, there are no rules and you can go your own way and still make it work. Go cushion crazy. And to get you started here are some of my current online faves at all price points…

**Every cushion is from a different online supplier, all linked below, so now you have a little sourcebook of where to get some of the loveliest cushions. (Etsy is in there a few times, but the individual online sellers are linked) Happy (cushiony) Christmas!

  1. Etsy 2. Nordic Nest 3. Aerende 4. Living and Co 5. Fermoie 6. Soho Home 7. Hunter & Co 8. Anthropologie 9. Etsy 10. Stagers Lifestyle 11. Hedgeroe Home 12. The Wilds 13. Smallable 14. Amara 15. Oka 16. Nkuku 17. Etsy 18. Zara Home 19. Meadows and Byrne 20. Made

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