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20 of the best bedside tables you can buy now.

I won’t stick around with a long preamble on bedside tables – everyone knows it's bloody hard to find a beautiful one that won’t cost a bomb. This is my second bedside table edit because it’s become even harder here in Ireland post Brexit/ongoing Covid. Our sources have been narrowed and lead times lengthened.

Design: Amber Interiors

Some quick tips to consider before buying your bedside….

1. Storage: Be honest with yourself how much storage you really need. If it’s a lot, don’t even look at those dainty little stools or one drawers.

2. Colour: Don’t go too matchy matchy with your bed or worse still buy the matching tables with your bed. If you have an oak bed say, consider black or grey tables. Or vice versa, a grey fabric headboard, introduce a bit of wood with your bedsides.

3. Texture: Have a look around your bedroom, is it lacking a variation in texture? Could you bring in some new texture with your bedside by going for a bit of rattan, metal, or marble?

Design: Heidi Callier

4. Measure: Don’t hit 'buy now' till you’ve marked out the measurements with a bit of tape on the floor to check your traffic flow. All too often when buying online, things end up being bigger or smaller than we think.

Okay. Done. I’ll zip it and show you my picks. Mostly affordable – sorry, there are a couple of spenny ones in there.

All linked to sources at the bottom – wile handy (also they all deliver to Ireland, I checked)

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