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20 Statement Ceiling Lights That Are LIT

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This is a list of lights whereby you're not necessarily supposed to like all of them. Because, you only really need one special statement ceiling light in your life - or room.

Imagine any of these centered in a living room, a bedroom, an entry hall... or go wild and go for a big statement over a bathtub. (I haven't said over the dining table - lots of them will work there too - I just have a whooooole separate list coming for that one)

From gorgeous glass vintage style, calm scandi vibes, textured natural loveliness, to bold mid-century brass, there's a statement ceiling light for everyone... at all price points. Go find your statement ceiling light soulmate...

  1. West Elm Chandelier / 2. Rockett St George Chandelier / 3. April and the Bear Arch Light / 4. Salternative Wicker Lamp / 5. Jim Lawrence Lantern / 6. Mullan Lighting Modern Chandelier / 7. Fritz Fryer Pendant / 8. Hedgeroe Home Chandelier / 9. Fritz Fryer Cluster Light / 10. Hicken Lighting Strand Pendant / 11. Dowsing & Reynolds bubble chandelier / 12. Trouva Seletti Lamp / 13. Spark and Bell Chandelier / 14. Pooky Pendant / 15. Hicken Lighting Byrant Chandelier / 16. Nordic Nest &Tradition Pendant / 17. Dusk Lighting Lantern / 18. Trouva Bamboo and Linen Light / 19. Habitat Gold Pendant / 20. Mullan Lighting chandelier

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