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10 Lovely Lockdown Gifts for Loved Ones...

What could be lovelier than receiving a lovely home gift from a loved one in lockdown?

We’ve hand picked a collection of small things that make a big difference in the daily life of being at home during lockdown. And, because buying local is more important than ever, every one of the gifts are from small Irish independent stores, who are all trading online:


Beautiful hand-crafted ceramics to cherish forever – think a coveted coffee cup, elevated breakfast bowls, or a very fabulous vase to display. Things we see or use every day, and an every day reminder of a loved one. How, well… lovely.

2. ART

It could be a quirky print that has meaning between you and your friend or family member; a landscape to remind us of the great outdoors and that 'some summer night' we’ll all have together again; or a fab framed photo for Grannies, Grandas, Aunts, Uncles.

3. CANDLES What could be lovelier for a loved one than a lovely candle? Something to create a special moment in their day. But, make it a special one they might never buy themselves, you know what I’m saying… there are candles, and then there are ‘good’ candles. Here are a few of the goodies:

4. FLOWERS OR PLANTS The accidental plant-killers among us might not thank you for a plant in the post. But, so many people would. Plants bring colour, air purification, and a sense of wellbeing and connection to nature. Maybe start with ones that are harder to kill. And if you’re positive your loved one is a plant killer, go for a quality faux plant or bouquet...

5. GLASSES Elegant wine glasses for, let’s face it, those more frequent tipples in the evening. Or, go for those tumblers all the cool people have. Or, pretend you're in a real bar by buying those big gin glasses to stuff with all sorts of fruits. And gin.


Who does not love new bed linen? This would put a smile on anyone’s face, any day – or night, as it were. You CANNOT go wrong with plain white. If you have the budget go for luxurious linen. Or keep it organic, with organic cotton or breathable bamboo. OR, send the ultimate luxury item - a silk pillowcase...


Know someone who wouldn’t get excited by a linen tablecloth? I mean, I don’t know who wouldn’t… but, if you do know someone like that, maybe a super stylish gadget for the home is the way to their heart…


Comforting, cosy, warm – the way we all want to feel in our homes. Of course it's a good lockdown gift...


These are the things your loved ones didn’t even know they needed or wanted, but sure wouldn’t these things be lovely to get in the post…


Subscriptions and gift cards are never a bad idea: magazines, cheese clubs, a local restaurant box, a streaming service. Almost all independent interior stores are selling gift cards. Or how lovely would it be to receive a flower subscription?

Big or small, sending a lockdown gift to a loved one is another little way to stay connected – while simultaneously supporting the independent stores we love. #sharethelove #supportlocal

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