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The 11 really useful things to buy for a new baby that have nothing to do with babies.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

You know the way when you’re having a baby, people tell you that you need five hundred things that you don’t really need? For example, no-one needs a ‘Wipe Warmer’. Literally no-one. That’s actually a real thing. WTAF?

So instead, we’ve compiled the 'must-have' homewares for the new baby in your life. Things that are immeasurably more useful in those early days and months than baby shoes (completely unnecessary!) or a temperature bath ducky (elbows, anyone?)

If you are currently deep in nesting-mode, or know someone who is, this one is for you…

1. Side Tables. Everything. Everything will always be out of reach. It doesn’t matter how much forward planning takes place, you will still manage to be mere millimetres away from the remote control once you have finally got the baby to snooze on your knee. And you. must. not. move. As a preventative measure – as much as this affliction can be prevented – you need to up your side table game. And have the tables right up against the arms of chairs and sofas at all times. God speed.

Round. Reclaimed. Handmade...

Add some quirkiness. With a Polar Bear. Obvs.

Love this. Vintage. Space saving. Multi functional with a magazine rack. And wheels to relocate as needed!

2. Cordless Dyson. If we were doing this list in any particular order, this might be in number one position. It can be whipped out quickly. It sucks up almost anything (rogue cheerios, unidentified objects, constant crumbs…) And, when you’re home busy with baby all day, the dirt mounts up daily and faffing with cords and plugs might push you over the edge. You’ll be feeding the baby just staring at the crumbs and dust on the floor, just willing to finish to go do a super quick ‘Dyson’. It’s a holy grail item. It’s expensive. But, we’ll go as far to say, it’s a game changer.

You can go right on up to a V11 Dyson now. But it’ll cost you. I have a V6 from 7 years ago and it’s still works perfectly. So I’ve linked the less expensive V8 here:

3. Cushions. Chrisht the cushions we bought before baby arrived. It was like on a deep, spiritual level I knew I needed cushions to survive the early days of feeding. Your arms will thank you. They are multi-functional: baby barriers; future baby pen or den building; and of course they look pretty so your eyes don’t have to suffer, just because your sleep is. Spark joy.

Oh Magee, how I love thee:

Lovely texture from Meadow and Byrne:

Hemp cushions! Consider alternative, sustainable fabrics:

4. Throws. This is especially for those early days of frequent and impressively substantial ‘spit ups’ aka baby vom. Buy pretty. You shouldn’t be doubly punished with bad aesthetics and baby vomit. They'll save your sofa. Buy washable, durable fabrics. You will have to wash them many, many times.

Organic cotton muslin throw

Okay, I know I said buy nice and everything washes. But maybe this one is too good for puke...

5. Rugs, rugs, rugs. How’s your baby on tummy time? Are they doing it every day? FFS. There was never ‘tummy time’ 20 years ago and we can all hold our heads up. However, you will be no doubt be guilted and shamed into regular tummy time. Also, in general kids spend a lot of time on the floor. So rugs keep it cosy and soften the inevitable bumps to the head. People may advise buy cheap. But, buying cheap nearly always means buying twice. And mostly any stain can be cleaned. "Hey Google, how do I get dried Weetabix out of a Persian rug?"

Vintage look and affordable:

Jute rug. Jute fibre is biodegradable and recyclable, thus an environmentally friendly option.

6. Black out window treatments. Self-explanatory. Anything to marginally increase the slim chance of sleep.

7. Coffee Machine. Also self-explanatory. Must be quick-serving. We would advise taste testing pods or coffee in advance of baby’s arrival before deciding on your purchase. Because you will be drinking a lot of it. Do your due diligence on pod recycling because... did we mention you'll be drinking a lot of it?

8. Scents. Under-rated. Under-considered. Like all the unexpected changes to your body, there will be unexpected changes to the smell of your home: nappies, dried baby vom, adults who haven’t showered in days… Invest or politely heavily hint as a baby gift, a quality scent. Go natural or organic, and of course, nothing too strong or too near the baby. It’s vastly underestimated what a mood lifter a good scent can be.

Neom Wellbeing Pod. Expensive, but the oils last forever. And you can put in as little or as much as needed.

Voya Diffuser. The Cedar and Bergamot scent is a joy to come home to, it's long-lasting, and you can buy cheaper refills. Maybe leave it near the door, so the visitors get a nice sniff on the way in.

9. Radio / Speaker / Smart Technology. There will be long days with little to no interaction with other adults. Radio, podcasts, and good music are your new daytime friends. Again nice little alternative baby gift instead of more newborn baby clothes that will fit for three days – if you’re lucky. If budget allows, go further with a smart speaker with voice control. Clever, for when you're stuck on the couch.

Neat. Retro. Pretty...

Iconic Marshall speaker - quality sound, looks awesome.

10. Plants. Okay you might not exactly NEED this one (or any to be fair). And you might think you have enough to be keeping alive in a tiny human, than worrying about a load of green things. But, hear us out. There will be long days indoors. Bringing a little bit of other life and nature inside can be uplifting. There’s all sorts of very scientific research that exists but I’m not going to look up. Just take our word for it, it’ll brighten your day a little; the baby gets to see and touch nature; and it might purify your air a little too.

English Ivy. Supposedly reduces airborne faecal particles. Enough said.

The Aloe Vera Plant is one of many plants that have proven benefits for wellbeing in the home. Also known as the 'medicine plant', it can soothe any kitchen burns, but it's also said to be able to purify the air of formaldehyde and benzene, found in varnishes, floor finishes, and detergents.

11. Baskets

Attractive storage to hide ALL the things. Prettier the better. Take the edge off ALL the things.

Like this rattan number from H & M Home:

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